Remodeling project te Aalst

In this remodeling project we demolished half of what was constructed and rebuild it. The few wall which remained where injected and protected against efflorescence (salts.) This remodeling led to a cozy energy efficient habitat. Below some picture of the remodeling process.

Renovatieproject te Mechelen

Dit investeringsproject te Mechelen onderging een totale renovatie. Het huis werd volledig gestript, kreeg nieuwe riolering, gas, water en elektriciteit. Het dak werd eveneens volledig vernieuw. Het huis dat reeds jaren leeg stond en in bouwvalige toestand verkeerde kreeg een nieuwe indeling. De werken resulteerde in een mooi lichtrijke en energie zuinige woning. Na de voltooiing van de werken stond de woning amper 3 weken te koop. Hieronder een foto reportage van voor, tijdens, en na de werken.

Buy-Sell project in Mechelen, Belgium

This was an investment project. The house was in a very bad shape. It was stripped to its bare walls and received new sewage, plumbing, insulation, electricity, heating, windows, doors, etc. The central staircase was recuperated together with the floors of 3 sleeping rooms. Everything else has been replaced. Geberit was used for the in-wall plumbing material, a 22mm solid oak floor was installed downstairs and a German build Kulhmann design kitchen was installed. More than 200m2 of insultion achieved an EPC of a 160 kWh/m2year which puts it in the energie effeciency range. Renovation took 8 months. The house was sold in less than 2 weeks when put on the market. Below some before and after shots.

3D printing / Selective Laser syntering

Below you find the project Cobra . The LED desk light was made using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). This is a rapid prototyping process which builds models up in layers. A laser only sinters the parts that need to be solidified. It is an affordable process to model up prototypes or forms which would be difficult to produce with standard manufacturing processes. SLS builds up your model in Nylon. It results in a fairly strong object which leaves many possibilities for post processing and finishes such as lacquering or metal plating. The dimensions for an SLS build depends on the capacity of the machine that will build it. Make sure you check these dimensions first.
Below the project is explained in a 7 min tutorial.

Bathroom renovation project in London