Tips on installing waste and soil pipes

Article written by Lizzy

Installing domestic drain and soil pipes seem to be an easy job, no water pressures to account for or non-return and other valves to think about and regulation seems to be comprehensible to any construction worker. Just connect your pipes from point A, always go downwards and make sure you end up in the sewage and that’s it. Will it work? …It might. Will it work well? That’s a totally different ballgame. Although sticking some pipes together to drain the water seems fairly simple, a lot can go wrong when drain pipes are not installed the way they should be. Common problems with drain and soil pipes are clogs and smells and in order to avoid those providing sufficient air and keeping your waste flow under control is key.

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Who is the man behind your furniture?

Article written by Lizzy

Stating that a piece of production furniture always starts with the designer may have been true some 50 years ago, now however chances are it started in some marketing department. This statement would not only be valid for production furniture but for a large proportion of the production objects sold today. This article hopes to shed some light on the evolution of furniture design.

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Japanese boundaries: A different way of perceiving space

Article written by Lizzy

In Japan symbolism, signs, movement, subtle indications or even education can be found as a boundary for space. This may elude the visiting westerner as he is used to the physical barriers which forcefully indicate his course. It does not necessarily mean that the only barriers we westerners recognise are physical, but the sensitivity towards none physical borders is of a different nature compared with the Japanese.

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Bathroom renovation project in London

Project by Lizzy

Health and safety in interior design

Article written by Lizzy

As an interior designer one can not understate the importance of health and safety. The difficulty however lies in the fact that the safety issues he or she should be concerned about stretch over various fields ranging from, safety in the home/space/office/environment where people need to work or live, building safe constructions, to providing a safe working environment for the people who are carrying out the building work.

Many of those safety issues are bound by extensive laws and regulations and it is obvious that covering the whole spectrum of health and safety which an interior designer should be concerned about is beyond the scope of this article. Nevertheless would it be useful to write down a summary, a checklist if you like, of the various health and safety aspects governing our business and provide some leads where to start looking for help, answers and regulations.

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Reducing the intrusiveness of building work in residential projects

Article written by Lizzy

For a homeowner having strangers walking through the front door with all kinds of materials and equipment, making lots of noise and bringing dust to the most unlikely places disrupting his daily routines, tranquillity and private space, can become very upsetting. Nevertheless there is much that we as designers/architects/builders can do to lower the threshold to stress free building work.

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